Embody Your Feminine Power

With Natalie Bondine

Private Mentoring

Embody your Feminine Power & Creative Potential so you open up to your INTRINSIC BEAUTY and all the resources of Life & Joy.

This program is designed to support you in fully claiming your sensuality, your emotions and your power, because how deeply you connect to your body & wisdom directly reflects in the quality of your life.

This is Sacred Women’s Work

It’s a dive deep into your own personal power & sensuality and you getting to re- know who you are and how you show up in this world.. You will feel understood, honoured, liberated and released of negative imprint patterns- especially around power and se-xuality..We’ll dive deeply into Self & Love, Self & Shame & Self & Expression.

This is about fully claiming your feminine power. It’s about you connecting deeply back into your body and feeling safe to to live there- even in your messy bits.. This is where your true power lies. Your pleasure, your pain, your beauty and your weirdness and all the bits in between as being the completely faceted diamond that you are:)

Someone once said “ go to those dark places, the ones you’ve been taught to to fear – your blood, your death, your sex – that is where your power lives”.

Is This Mentoring For You?

This is a journey we are taking together. There is a deep rewiring that happens within where you will have permission to be exactly as you are and be LOVE(D).


✓ YOU ARE WILLING to look at your belief patterns, fears , limitations & shadows

✓ You are willing to feel deep into your heart & soul to be more PRESENT IN YOUR BODY

✓ You deeply desire to open to more pleasure & understand your SEXUAL POTENTIAL

We’ll work directly on your body to reawaken your PLEASURE PATHWAYS and boost your natural state of SELF- LOVE

We’ll unlock new habits that work directly transforming your state to JOY and tap into all your life giving expressions to create optimal physical, energetic & emotional health.

You’ll wind up more connected, more embodied and able to love yourself as fully EMPOWERED SEXUAL BEING

Before anything else : I want you to know that this is a loving and safe- out of time & space place – to explore, communicate, reveal & relish in YOUR most beautiful self! I know that awakening sexuality , pleasure & intimacy can be a roller-coaster ride – and that your pain, and all of your pleasure, your fears and all of your greatness is so welcome here. .. It’s worth it..

What’s Possible for you?

✓ Reclaim your fullness and aliveness as a woman
✓ Tap into your wellspring of creative flow for life – giving power
✓ Clear old habitual ways of relating, to your body, your intimate relationships
✓ Embody the passion to live full from your body, mind & HEART

How Does It Work?

We meet once a week via zoom for 7 weeks. We see what is most alive in your journey and uncover the truth beneath your story.

We set up a Ritual space for you to explore, I’ll gently hold your hand through the whole process.

You’ll have a practice to take home that you can return to again and again. Think of this as bone building. It will probably feel familiar in a strange way, because you’ve lived this mystery before. In your body , in your womb.. she knows.. she always knows…THIS IS WOMEN’S WISDOM

You’ll have a recording of the ritual to return to, until you start to build your own magical language . This will be your container to dance in the magic.

You will dance and you will move and you will find richer parts of you !!

We have a little mid week check in via text to see if you need a little helping hand and you will start to build your own unique flavour of practice to come home to.

I use a combination of traditional talk therapy, Processwork, somatic experiencing, Shamanic Journeying & Traditional Tantra & Taoism all in the scared container of Ritual.

Welcome Home Woman

Your Darkness Sparkles,


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What Women Are Saying...

'Working with Natalie over the past six months has literally transformed everything! I had suffered so much shame & suppression around my sensuality stemming from childhood & this spilled over into all areas my life, especially my inmate relationships.

Everything I had done until now was motivated by a deep unrest in me. Natalie has the uncanny ability to see & guide with sharp focus and insight I am not only in a passionate and loving relationship ( most importantly with myself!! But the chronic fatigue I had suffered has gone forever. I thank you deeply for what you do for holding me gently by the hand all the way.'

- AP, Australia 39

What Women Are Saying...

'Thank you Natalie Ive had massive insights again this morning…gosh this is SO VALUABLE thank you!! …and so realised that I was using short term pleasure to mask uncomfortable feelings.

This realisation then cascaded into all other areas of my life – my tendency to procrastinate at work (in favour of short term pleasure like chocolate), my tendency to want to go on a tinder date or date a guy just for the sake of it, for fear of missing out, my tendency to spend money on things like expensive clothes rather than saving it for my true goals like travel. All acts of self love, born out of a fear of missing out! So my plan is to rewire my brain to not use ‘temporary pleasure’ and be aware at all times when I feel the fear of missing out .

I’ve been trying to work out my procrastination habit for so long and I think I’ve almost cracked it!!

All this wisdom from the 🌺. Thank you!'

- WM, Melbourne 36

What Women Are Saying...

'I came to work with Natalie when i entered a new relationship. When I look back i had very specific patterns and habits in my intimate relationships and i was ready for things to be different this time around.

I attended several workshops that Natalie held, and then did a 3 month private mentoring .
The shifts in my life since have been phenomenal (to say the least) and I am loving taking this journey of reconnecting with my body and myself.

I find her approach beautifully supportive, open, nurturing and encouraging.

Thank you, Natalie, for your caring nature, it's been a blessing to have found you'

- DL, Ontario 53

What Women Are Saying...

'Thank you Natalie for giving me profound insight on my relationship to my sexuality and my body. I had lost my direction after raising a family and somewhere lost who I really was. or maybe i never really knew her at all 🙂 I have a great partner and children but something was missing.

We worked through my blocks around expression & love and I have re-kindled my love of writing and most importantly the intimacy I had lost in my relationships. I’m just more of me now, and I love her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart'

- MA, South Australia 37

What Women Are Saying...

'I have been through several rounds of mentoring with Natalie in the past 2 years as well as attended 2 of her Bali retreats. I initially came to see her because of struggles that I had in my personal relationships and self love( I actually i really did not ever know what that was!)

It has been like a big exhale of finally getting to know and love parts of me that i have hidden so well from everyone- especially me!

Her insight, knowledge, and loving guidance has enriched my life no- end. I have especially enjoyed ritual and embodiment work and am excited for her next offerings . Life is soo much better, I have more love and especially more power in knowing more off me. I cannot thank you enough for holding my hand all the way!'

- PE, Sydney 48