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With Natalie Bondine

Welcome Women

My work here is born of a deep desire to support women to come home deeply to themselves. To remember who we are in our true nature and connect deeply back to our innate magic through Ritual

There is a powerful cultural tide that pulls us to do more, to be more, to achieve more and the result can be exhaustion. We are more disconnected than ever to our bodies, our wisdom and the earth. This is the journey back to Self- Love with a little bit of magical helping hand.

Why Ritual?

Because RITUAL  is the key to everything you hold inside you that passionately wants to get out. Ritual is the way you make your special self into something practical and potently available in the world – without ritual you can not express your whole own inner magic. Ritual is the music.

RITUAL GETS YOU MORE IN LIFE: Ritual connect us to our primal brains through the repetition of words, symbols, and gestures that connects us to all things sacred- allowing the flow of magic to happen. You don’t even need to believe in it- you just need to step into dreaming with the laws of nature.

BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT: Ritual is performed across all cultures and religion since prehistoric times and more than ever in this day and age we are craving commune with ancient wisdoms and technologies lost, for the betterment of human kind.

AND WHAT DOES THIS ANCIENT PRACTICE HAVE TO DO WITH YOU?: you know that perfectly well.  You feel yourself feeling, you sense yourself seeing and sensing your environment and at a low ebb, you know yourself to be starving for the same primal connection to dreams and others and power and beauty and wonder that every other human has ever tuned themselves to from time immemorial.

AND WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ME?: I fell in love with ritual properly the first time I arrived Bali over 20 years ago. It was an unspoken language that I knew deeply in my bones to connect me back to something larger than me. From Scared geometry, Hermetics, Planetary magic, Tantric Ritual & Shamanic Journeying – I have witnessed the most powerful transformations personally and with my clients through conscious ritual and consecration.

And why bother?: your self knows what it needs but something has to trigger it into existence. Your heart and soul know what they yearn for but without ritual you can look for a whole lifetime for something that is satisfying enough. Ritual is the key, it’s the stepping stone, the portal, into everything you are and it trains your mind body nerves and all your parts, in how to deliver yourself on earth this time around in a way that honours who you are. Ritual is the stomping ground of kings, it is what makes you into the you you only dreamt yourself to be. RITUAL MAKES YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

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About Natalie

For over 20 years I have been studying & teaching various teachings including Tantric & Kundalini yoga, Taoist practices for Women, Transpersonal Counselling, Breathwork, Processwork, Shamanic Journeying & Naturopathy and have honed my craft by working closely with the human body and Women’s health for tens of thousand of hours.

My particular specialty is navigating the vast waters of SacredSexulity & Relationships,through body medicine & Ritual.

My greatest influences have been the teachings of the Tao, the poetry of Rumi and most significantly my Shamanic Master- who I have been under tutelage for 5 years .I’ve trained with the very top of Tantra teachers in the world (including being apprentice to Micheala Boehm and Layla Martin & Master Mantak Chia) over the past 10 years, travelling the world over. It is a never ending journey of unfoldment – falling & rising into BLISS. And I love Ritual!

My path has taken me along a vast array of life experiences in Self & Expression, Self & Shame & Self & Love and my firm conclusion is that it all comes back to LOVE. I’m particularly fascinated by Shadow work- a kind of unconscious part of our personality – I believe this is where we hide our most creative potential.

My work is to support you as you navigate the challenges of being human and finding true intimacy within yourself. After all – to know oneself is to live with true abandonment.

Your Darkness Sparkles

Natalie Bondine


My Code Of Ethics

I have a grounded dogma free approach to all my work and and use heart- felt listening and a non-judgmental approach. Every thing we share is confidential between us unless I have your consent in writing. I continuously explore my own inner world during regular therapy and keep up to the latest learnings and developments in my field and maintain my own self care through maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I adhere to professional ethics and follow standard coaching protocols and keep notes on all our work together

I look forward to supporting you in journey home to you !

What Women Are Saying...

'Working with Natalie over the past six months has literally transformed everything! I had suffered so much shame & suppression around my sensuality stemming from childhood & this spilled over into all areas my life, especially my inmate relationships.

Everything I had done until now was motivated by a deep unrest in me. Natalie has the uncanny ability to see & guide with sharp focus and insight I am not only in a passionate and loving relationship ( most importantly with myself!! But the chronic fatigue I had suffered has gone forever. I thank you deeply for what you do for holding me gently by the hand all the way.'

- AP, Australia 39

What Women Are Saying...

'Thank you Natalie Ive had massive insights again this morning…gosh this is SO VALUABLE thank you!! …and so realised that I was using short term pleasure to mask uncomfortable feelings.

This realisation then cascaded into all other areas of my life – my tendency to procrastinate at work (in favour of short term pleasure like chocolate), my tendency to want to go on a tinder date or date a guy just for the sake of it, for fear of missing out, my tendency to spend money on things like expensive clothes rather than saving it for my true goals like travel. All acts of self love, born out of a fear of missing out! So my plan is to rewire my brain to not use ‘temporary pleasure’ and be aware at all times when I feel the fear of missing out .

I’ve been trying to work out my procrastination habit for so long and I think I’ve almost cracked it!!

All this wisdom from the 🌺. Thank you!'

- WM, Melbourne 36

What Women Are Saying...

'I came to work with Natalie when i entered a new relationship. When I look back i had very specific patterns and habits in my intimate relationships and i was ready for things to be different this time around.

I attended several workshops that Natalie held, and then did a 3 month private mentoring .
The shifts in my life since have been phenomenal (to say the least) and I am loving taking this journey of reconnecting with my body and myself.

I find her approach beautifully supportive, open, nurturing and encouraging.

Thank you, Natalie, for your caring nature, it's been a blessing to have found you'

- DL, Ontario 53

What Women Are Saying...

'Thank you Natalie for giving me profound insight on my relationship to my sexuality and my body. I had lost my direction after raising a family and somewhere lost who I really was. or maybe i never really knew her at all 🙂 I have a great partner and children but something was missing.

We worked through my blocks around expression & love and I have re-kindled my love of writing and most importantly the intimacy I had lost in my relationships. I’m just more of me now, and I love her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart'

- MA, South Australia 37

What Women Are Saying...

'I have been through several rounds of mentoring with Natalie in the past 2 years as well as attended 2 of her Bali retreats. I initially came to see her because of struggles that I had in my personal relationships and self love( I actually i really did not ever know what that was!)

It has been like a big exhale of finally getting to know and love parts of me that i have hidden so well from everyone- especially me!

Her insight, knowledge, and loving guidance has enriched my life no- end. I have especially enjoyed ritual and embodiment work and am excited for her next offerings . Life is soo much better, I have more love and especially more power in knowing more off me. I cannot thank you enough for holding my hand all the way!'

- PE, Sydney 48

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